Advanced publishing at your finger tips!

How It Works


  • Step One

    Go to What We Offer and click 'Order Now' under the service that suits you.
  • Step Two

    Make the payment for the service you chose.
  • Step Three

    Go to Verify Payment; fill your name, address, telephone number and teller number or transaction ID of the service payment receipt. Or simply SMS the payment details to us for quicker verification.
  • Step Four

    After filling your information for verification, you will receive a service code through email or text message once your payment has been verified. This usually takes up to 1-3 hours for Option A in Payment Options, and 5-10 minutes for Option B.
  • Step Five

    Once verified and gotten your service code, our editorial board will contact you and direct you how to forward your manuscript to us.
  • Step Six

    The service code serves as identification number for the client. Due to the large quantity of manuscripts we receive, the service code helps us keep track of our clients. And clients can also get update about their manuscripts by sending the code to us.
  • Note:

    Clients are required to give a valid phone number or email. This can be used to contact clients if there's question concerning their manuscripts that needs to be answered. And for instant verification, clients are to send payment details to our phone number on Contact Us section.