When I want to read a novel, I write one.


Julius Ekonorue

He is a Management Consultant, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.
Julius has a BS.C in Business Administration from University of Lagos. He has a post graduate degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise from University College Dublin. He has special certification in International Project Management and Management IBAT College and Dublin Business School respectively. He has a master's degree in Supply Chain Management from Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland.
He is the founder of Alliance Path Consulting Services, with offices in Ireland and Nigeria. AlliancePath consulting improves client's performance, profitability and competitiveness through technology and growth of its people. This is delivered through: Lean and Operations Excellence, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Innovation and R&D, Business Management System and Management Training and Development.
He teaches in seminars, churches and conferences. He is also the director of Jegreat Investment Limited. Jegreat investment operates Event Centres, and Real Estate Development and consultancy across Lagos State.
He has empowered several men and women to fulfil their purpose. He is married with children.