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What We Offer

Black Tower Publishers Nig Ltd is not liable for any copyright infringement done by any of our client.  We only accept manuscript on basis it came from the rightful owner.

Book Publishing

We publish books of all kinds: Fiction and nonfiction. Before clients can contact us for book publishing, their manuscripts must have gone through our editorial board. This is to make sure the manuscripts meet up to our standard before we start working on it for publishing.

We also offer publishing contracts. Our editorial board pick out manuscripts they think fit to make profit in the nowadays competing market. We offer the owners of the manuscripts good contracts, and take full care of publishing cost and marketing.

Writers that still need our professional services for publishing on Lulu, Amazon, Smashwords, iBookstore, Nook, etc; can contact us and request for our special online publishing packages. We can also help them withdraw their proceeds and transfer to their local bank account in 3-4 working days.

To contact us for book publishing, clients are to send their manuscript alongside their service code. The service code will serve as a proof that the manuscript has gone through our editorial board.



Manuscript Editing

COPYEDITING AND LINE EDITING: Editor corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Ensures consistency in spelling, numerals, fonts, capitalization, words or sentences that are extraneous or overused, run-on sentences, dialogue or paragraphs that can be tightened, and scenes where the action is confusing or the author’s meaning is unclear due to bad transitions.

STRUCTURAL EDITING: The editor does the copyediting/line editing, and as well focus more on story, theme, flow, tense and voice. The editor works on elements of the story, characterization, dialogue, setting and the interaction between them.


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Proofreading is the final touch for manuscript before it's put to print.

Purchasing this service means the manuscript has been arranged and gone through editing by us or by the client; which means the proofreading board doesn't work on the structure and flow of the manuscript.

The proofreading service tackles only spelling and punctuation use.


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Manuscript Review

Your manuscript will be reviewed, and you will be told whether your manuscript needs editing or not, and what editing package fits your manuscript. Your writing skill will also be professionally rated on a scale of 1-100.


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Due to the limited staff we have on translations, we offer only English-Spanish, English-French, English-German


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Service can start from any stage of the writing. This service requires the client send strong synopsis of the work he/she had in mind to be written.

In the synopsis, the client should point out vital information like quotes, facts and emotions he/she wants the work to portray.


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This service is mainly for people whose manuscripts/books didn't meet our publishing standard.

With this service, we offer them the same care we offer our authors so that their literary dreams could be achieved with or without us.

This monthly service offers a mentoring agent that will call/answer you, and offer publishing advice, writing tips for a desired audience, best time to publish, market want, information about literature awards/contest you could opt in, best literary agencies you could offer your work to, etc.




Best books aren't always successful books. For a book to be successful, it takes a great deal of promotion.

Great story and skillful writing can only offer about 40% help to make a book successful. The rest solely depends on promotion.

Our promotional service will give your book the kind of attention it deserves. Through online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; to billboards and posters.

Just tell us your desired audience, and we will take your book to them.



Black Tower Fiction Stories

We are working on a compiled fiction stories that would be published as eBook and print copy in Dec, 2016.

This book will contain twelve stories that will come from random people. This is our way of helping writers get the notice that would help them make an impact in African literature.

Writers are to send their short stories not exceeding 3000 words. Due to the volume of people interested, writers are to pay N2000 as reading fee.

At the end of every month, the compilation team will rank the submitted stories. The 1st would be added to the Black Tower compilation stories. After the publication of the book, all proceeds will be shared amongst the twelve people their stories made it to the book for the year.

Then the submitted stories that ranked 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for each month would be posted on our blog every month. This post will contain the writer's photo and contact informtion. This way, they could also get the recognition they deserve for being the runner-ups.


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